Full Disclosure - The Details behind the Deal

On GoFundMe

  • Two weeks ago, The Hero Collectors were officially supported by the GoFundMe platform. GoFundMe is committed to helping us with The Hero Collectors.


An Incredible Strategic Partner

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  • 3 months ago, we began conversation with the CEO of Charity Booster, Chris Jennings [www.charitybooster.co]. 

  • Charity Booster is a company that helps non profit organizations raise money at events via products, strategic partners [hint, hint] & tech platforms.  At the beginning of 2018 Chris decided to scale & expand Charity Booster, taking the work they've done for the American Red Cross, Habitat For Humanity, The YMCA, United Way & so on to a wider audience. Enter The Hero Collectors...

  • Charity Booster does not have a storytelling team.   After a few conversations, we all saw an incredible opportunity to work together.   Not only does Chris's company need video to tell their own story but a number of their network of over 20,000 Non-Profits have asked for video as well.

  • For the last 3 months, Chris has been working, behind the scenes, to help us launch The Hero Collectors initiative. 

A few of Charity Booster’s Hero Clients

A few of Charity Booster’s Hero Clients


An Incredible Donation

  • We launched the GoFundMe almost 3 weeks ago and Chris went dark.  We were confused but too busy to get distracted. Last week Chris called and told us what he'd been up to.

  • Long story short, his company works with a few private, luxury hotels.  As part of their marketing & tax write-off initiatives, these hotels have committed 1.2 million rooms to be given away to non-profit organizations & companies that help Non-Profits .

  • Here's the BIG NEWS: Chris got Beard & Bowler Productions & our Hero Collectors initiative approved to receive this. 


  • Due to Charity Boosters self-interest in the success of The Hero Collectors, Chris's company (who typically makes their money by collecting a fee on the sale of these vacation packages at auctions & galas) is giving us a number of these packages for free. 

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  • We've done our homework & double checked all the legal because this seemed way too good to be true.  It's legit, but…

  • The incredible luxury hotel is unable to let us publicly use their name to market this (but if you ask us… we can tell you).  Our friends in digital marketing informed us that this is common practice, as most companies need to have control over the narrative of their brand.

  • GoFundMe loves this.  HOWEVER, they asked us to refrain from directly mentioning this publicly (meaning we can't advertise this anywhere) until their internal department is ready for something like this (which sadly will not be during the life of our GoFundMe campaign).  We agreed, as we hope to continue in our good relationship with GoFundMe for our Heroes.

  • We didn't get to set the price.