The Elevator

Hope + Future provides afterschool health and wellness programs in a safe environment with highly qualified instructors. By working with teachers and school administration, Hope + Future is able to track the attendance, grades and disciplinary action of the kids in the programs. Hope + Future coaches and instructors also act as mentors for kids, give advice, and provide leadership training through center activities and classes. 


The Leader

Gian Paul Gonzalez


Gian Paul was born and raised in Union City and has taught at Union City High School for the past 5 years. He is widely recognized for inspiring the New York Giants to their Super Bowl victory with the phrase ‘All In”. He has been featured on ESPN on Super Bowl Sunday, and has had notable appearances on Fox News and CNN. He travels across the nation as a motivational speaker and has spoken for the NBA’s Portland Trailblazers, Army Cadets at West Point, Anheuser-Busch, The F.B.I., Sam’s Club,, Aflac, as well as to many other corporate, athletic, government agencies and educational institutions. Despite this recognition Gian Paul’s “All In” has been the youth of his area, and giving them HOPE.


The Reason

Coming here helps me focus on my future and what I want to be when I grow up, not just my current surroundings.
–Tyreek, Student
“It’s a small part of my day, but when I finish my workout I feel good about myself and what I’ve accomplished.”
—Henessy, Student

On average, our students have increased their academic scores by almost 10% and disciplinary references for their behavior in school declined by more than 45%! We provide more than just a workout, we enable students to be their best selves.