It's Time To Launch


A family-friendly television show that follows a professional video production company as they go on the journey to tell Non-Profit and Hero stories to the world through something called Branded Content with Purpose.  We founded the company to tell stories that matter and to help Non-Profits and Heroes who don't have the time or resources to focus on professional marketing.  With this new opportunity, we want to make it all about the Heroes, but in a fun, high-energy, incredibly positive way.



A budding OTT (Over The Top) television network reached out to Beard & Bowler and asked us to launch The Hero Collectors as a series on their platform (available soon on Apple TV & Roku). 

We've worked out all the details of the contract over the last few weeks and we're thrilled to officially announce (for the first time anywhere) that we'll be taking The Hero Collectors, our #BowlerTribe, and all of our Heroes (present and future) to the wonderful world of online Television.

This is a substantial opportunity.



We have to front the cost of the PR kit for the pre-launch of the show and we want to hustle after this so we're bringing in top talent to cut together all the content we've filmed over the past year (a juggernaut of a project).  We're going to get the first 6 episodes together for an epic launch... but we need your help.

We can't deviate our focus off of helping our Heroes get their stories & work out into the world.  We have someone who can take the production off our hands, launch the show & to help us start generating revenue with actual sponsors.



Three words - Return On Investment (ROI)

Honestly, if we could accomplish this & never be publicly known, we'd take it.  Fact of the matter is, corporate sponsors are concerned with their ROI when it comes to their business.  That's not a dig on them... that's how you run a business.  With the OTT show we are able to provide an incredibly compelling ROI, via our own audience.  That means that we will have more freedom to help smaller non profits who may not have a huge social media following or who haven't been able to build up their name in the public sphere.  This is everything to us.


If you'd like to watch the journey from the beginning, check out the blog.