GoFundMe? (the Behind the Scenes Overview)

Things are happening, right now, at a lightning pace (we know that's the case for many people) so here are the high level bullets:

  • We launched a GoFundMe campaign, originally, to fund The Hero Collectors (ie. free marketing for Non-Profits through Branded Content)

  • Due to some issues for our major investor, we originally had only 30 days to raise 60k in order to keep The Hero Collectors initiative alive.

  • In 25 days we managed to raise only $5050, but what resulted from the massive social media campaign and all the noise made by our supporters (you guys) brought in some major corporate clients, opened the door to a significant strategic partner for our Heroes & got us an offer to start our own OTT television show.

  • Thanks to our community & our #BowlerTribe, this was a HUGE success.

Now, we're off on the real adventure... telling the stories that will make the biggest impact on our culture & in our world.  Through the Hero Collectors we're going to spread awareness, start conversations, empower the community, and reach both present and future non profit donors.  We are going to take the most consumable and substantial medium available today (video) & strive to have a positive effect in the world.

If you would like to see the campaign we ran, from the beginning, you can check out any one of these blog posts:

Thank you to everyone for your help and support!  It's the community that makes the difference and we feel like we have the best community in the world.

More info coming about the OTT Television show is coming soon.

Stay tuned.

The Original GoFundMe Campaign (Updates)

GoFundMe threw their support behind us

We still have some work to do but soooo thankful for everyone on this platform. You all have been incredibly encouraging.

We're going to be in touch with each of you with a more formal thank you in short order. For those of you who have asked how else you can help... here it is. Working on something else substantial for this effort. We'll keep our #bowlertribe in the loop.

The Original GoFundMe Campaign


We’re asking humanity to help us tell human stories through the most powerful medium available… professional video & digital marketing.  We are providing this to Non-Profit organizations, at no cost to them. The professional video & digital marketing we are providing will be funded and distributed by commercial sponsors (ie. businesses and brands) who are in need of constant content and who understand that, today, their messaging is most impactful when it is values-centered.

The #1 reason the majority of Non-Profits suffer is lack of awareness due to an inability to capture and then properly market their stories.  They can’t compete with businesses and brands that have a marketing budget to work with.  We research, evaluate, and collaborate with Non-profit organizations, acting as the authentic story matchmakers for commercial sponsors.  The result: competition becomes alignment.

The Hero Collectors  is the heart work of Beard & Bowler Productions  .  We are driven to help Non-Profits (Heroes) get their stories and work out into the world.

Logo & Pics.jpg


Funds are part of it, but honestly it's the smallest part. 

We need a tribe of people who  believe in this work and see a need for it.  We need a tribe who  can help to inform and direct this journey.  We need a tribe who has their own Heroes so that we can discover the greatest need and so that we will know where to go next.  We need a #BowlerTribe

True power is in community and we never want to lose sight of that.


We are a for-profit business and we want to keep it small, private and underground so that we can have the maximum impact.  We want to work with a small handful of vetted Non-Profit organizations in order to best help our heroes forge intentional relationships with some of the best Marketing and Distribution agencies in the NYC/NJ Metro area.

We’re ready, but now we only have 30 Days to secure sponsorships to support a business model that focuses on heroes.


It's a long story... (check out the video explanation here)

Just after our first year our largest investor had a personal, financial crisis.   Due to a number of family circumstances they were in need of a substantial amount of their investment back.  They approached us and made, what for them was a very uncomfortable plea.  We were faced with a decision... do the right thing —or— do the smart thing for our company.

We sold our retirement and whatever wasn't nailed down.  All this, during a season when we should have been spending our time building the company and preparing for our second round investment.  It was the right decision but... that's why we have only 30 days.

We'll survive because we're fighters but if we spend the time necessary to secure commercial work, pick up more agency relationships, or gather all the necessary information to then pitch potential second round investors we won't be able to continue our Hero work for quite a long time.

We want to continue to have a sustainable business model but we never want to sacrifice ethics.


Every dollar we bring in will be used to fund salaries of the principals (Matt & Jason), a small part-time support staff, and our incredibly gifted freelance artists.  These are the people who make up the most impactful team for serving our Non-Profits & Heroes. 

If we bring in enough, we’ll simply build the team (and maybe we’ll get our health insurance back) and ultimately serve more non-profits and heroes.


We know that this is what is going to make the biggest impact.  Through the Hero Collectors we can spread awareness, start conversations, empower the community, and reach both present and future donors.  We have the ability to tell the most powerful stories through the most consumable and substantial medium available today (video) and, thanks to the reach of social media, we know how to get those stories seen.

If we could, we’d continue to fund this on our own right now.  We can’t.  Our Non-Profits & Heroes need you!


As the authentic story matchmakers for businesses and brands we are providing you with an opportunity to diversify your audience, to engage with the most challenging demographic in the market place, and to align with a greater cause.  We've done all the work for one of the most powerful piece of marketing out there.


Actually, it already is.  This video explains how it works and what we've already accomplished over the last two years and how this is sustainable: (COMING SOON)

During the life of this campaign we're also going to introduce you to many of the Heroes, a few of our amazing Agencies, some of our devoted staff and freelance artists, and possibly the real power behind Beard & Bowler Productions… our wives.

If we reach our goal, we’re also going to re-launch our vlog, which was hosted on YouTube, so that we can take our tribe with us along the way.  We've been approached by a substantial platform concerning distribution of the vlog and we're making decisions, right now, as the best way to make sure our tribe stays on the journey with us.


We believe we can make this happen if we’re given until the end of the year.  That’s what our goal is set to accomplish.  If we end up raising more money, however, we wanted to let you know exactly what would be done with it!

Stretch Goals (1).jpg
Stretch Goals (2).jpg

The Pre-Launch Campaign (Week 2)


Once upon a time...”  The stories begin  🖤💀

 #BowlerTribe #beardandbowler #die2self



You know, I love to learn but sometimes it hurts.  I’ve come to understand that a broken-heart is the byproduct of an open mind.  

Every day you decide to engage, to fight, to battle injustice… it makes you vulnerable.  

It’s worth it. 

A cause that is bigger than yourself.  This is the fight.  We are not alone.

The battle begins  🖤💀

 #BowlerTribe #beardandbowler #die2self



Defining moments.  

You pray your ready.  

Too often they sneak up and catch us off guard.  But those rare occasions when you know something is coming… those moments that set the trajectory for the next decade of your life… 

These are the moments that either make or break you.

One Shot  🖤💀

 #BowlerTribe #beardandbowler #die2self



What if… 🖤💀

 #BowlerTribe #beardandbowler #die2self



Tick… Tock…


9PM  🖤💀

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The Pre-Launch Campaign (Week 1)


It’s time… 🖤💀

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Numbers only matter when they’re lives that you have changed... you ain't seen nothin' yet 🖤💀 

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The average person is bombarded with over 3,000 pieces of marketing every day.  Marketing makes all the difference in the world... but what you market can make all the difference for the world.  We’re coming... 🖤💀

 #BowlerTribe #beardandbowler #die2self



There are days the world is too ugly to look at.  There are days we need something or someone to push the beauty through.  It will take a tribe... those days are coming. 🖤💀


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