GoFundMe? (the Behind the Scenes Overview)

Things are happening, right now, at a lightning pace (we know that's the case for many people) so here are the high level bullets:

  • We launched a GoFundMe campaign, originally, to fund The Hero Collectors (ie. free marketing for Non-Profits through Branded Content)

  • Due to some issues for our major investor, we originally had only 30 days to raise 60k in order to keep The Hero Collectors initiative alive.

  • In 25 days we managed to raise only $5050, but what resulted from the massive social media campaign and all the noise made by our supporters (you guys) brought in some major corporate clients, opened the door to a significant strategic partner for our Heroes & got us an offer to start our own OTT television show.

  • Thanks to our community & our #BowlerTribe, this was a HUGE success.

Now, we're off on the real adventure... telling the stories that will make the biggest impact on our culture & in our world.  Through the Hero Collectors we're going to spread awareness, start conversations, empower the community, and reach both present and future non profit donors.  We are going to take the most consumable and substantial medium available today (video) & strive to have a positive effect in the world.

If you would like to see the campaign we ran, from the beginning, you can check out any one of these blog posts:

Thank you to everyone for your help and support!  It's the community that makes the difference and we feel like we have the best community in the world.

More info coming about the OTT Television show is coming soon.

Stay tuned.